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The Seljak Moontide blanket is part of our Rugged range. Moontide is inspired by the way the moon reflects on the water, creating a pathway back to the horizon. Made of deadstock upholstery yarn at a mill in Geelong, Australia, this durable blanket is perfect for indoors and out. Take picnicking, on an adventure or stay cosy at home with Seljak Moontide.

92% wool, 8% nylon
Made in Geelong, Australia
180cm x 150cm
Whipstitch finish
Carbon neutral, closed-loop, sustainable, ethically made
For every blanket sold, we donate $5 to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre


92% wool, 8% nylon


180cm x 150cm

Manufacture location

Geelong, Melbourne, Australia

Tasmania, Australia.

Our Tasmania made blankets are our original blankets, consisting of our earlier Colour and Baby range. They were our first recycled wool mill partner, a 150 year old mill in Tasmania that weaves luxury blankets. The by-product from the process is used to make our recycled wool blankets. Offcuts are collected from the factory floor, which are overruns, trimmings and scraps from the spinning or weaving stages. These offcuts plus old blankets are ripped up in an industrial ragging machine, spun into new yarn and made into blankets.

Geelong, Australia.

The yarn in Seljak Brand blankets created in 'Made in Geelong' blankets are considered deadstock yarn.

We work with a Geelong based Mill that was left with ‘deadstock’ yarn due to over-ordering or customers of theirs that changed their designs or quantities last minute. The yarn sits unused in the warehouse gathering dust and getting moth-eaten and eventually gets sent to landfill.

To save this material our Rugged range is made with this limited deadstock fabric which is why it is limited edition. Once the deadstock yarn is used, it’s gone, and we can’t make the blankets again – which is a unique aspect of working with deadstock.

Italy, Europe.

Seljak Brand uses yarn made of post-consumer textiles waste, which is discarded clothing like old woolen jumpers. The ‘waste’ is recycled into new yarn at mills located in a textiles region near Florence, Italy.

The woollen garments are sorted into colours and by material type, and fibre quality. Colour experts meticulously match the colours of every yarn lot so they can offer ‘stock colours’ no matter what garments they’re recycling. Each time, the recipe will be slightly different but the end result will look the same.They are then ragged and shredded and spun into a new yarn with a bit of polyamide for strength. They do not weave blankets at these mills; instead they are sent to the mill we work with in Lithuania where the yarn will be made into Seljak blankets.

Lithuania, Europe.

This blanket is made from pre-consumer textiles waste from 16 mills around Europe. Offcuts are collected off the factory floor and sent to the mill we work with in Lithuania for processing. Here, the offcuts are shredded, combed out, spun into a new yarn, ready for weaving into blankets. The mill is almost a century old and is expert at weaving luxurious woollen blankets. This mill also weaves with the aforementioned post-consumer textiles yarn made in Italy.

  • Air out your blanket by hanging it in the sun
  • Brush to remove any excess dirt
  • Spot clean dirty marks and spills with lukewarm soapy water
  • Machine wash at maximum 30 degrees with a wool wash and hang dry
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Dry clean if necessary
  • Read more about how to care for your blanket
  • This blanket diverts 1.1kg of waste from landfill
  • $5 of this blanket purchase goes to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne by the Seljak Brand in Australia
  • 1% of the total sales Seljak Brand Japan makes is also donated to 1% for the Planet - an initiative co-founded by Patagonia creator to fund diverse environmental organizations
  • The carbon emissions from this blanket have been offset by protecting old growth forest through the Rimba Raya project in Indonesia. Read more about our carbon reduction strategy
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