The most sustainable luxury wool blanket you'll ever own

Award winning, thick, warm, durable and antibacterial design.

From Australia, now available in Japan.

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We plan to donate 1% of revenue to 1% for the Planet, an organisation that invests our donated money to help improve the environment on earth, to make it a better place for all.

For every 10 blankets sold, one is sent to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre - an organisation that helps asylum seekers feel welcome, safe and supported in Australia.

Closing the loop

Seljak Brand makes recycled wool blankets out of factory floor offcuts. The blankets are made from a minimum of 70% recycled merino wool or lambswool and a 30% blend of other fibres (recycled mohair, cotton and alpaca) and poly for strength. Wool is a natural fibre that is incredibly hard to replicate - it’s a renewable resource, it is odour and stain resistant, antibacterial, lightweight, breathable and insulating. After your blanket has enjoyed a long, adventurous life we’ll collect it free of charge using a carbon neutral courier service. Back at the mill, we’ll shred it and spin it into new yarn to make future blankets. This circular model allows us to divert waste from landfill and create a luxurious and useful blanket for your cosiness.

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