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Rugged Range

The sturdy Rugged blankets are the most durable blankets we offer, built to last due to the nature of their textile composition, derived from repurposed hard-wearing upholstery yarns. Made up of wool, polyester and other recycled textiles, they have a coarser, fibrous texture. These blankets are the warmest and most hardwearing. If you are planning on taking your blanket camping or picnicking, and warmth is your priority, then the Rugged blanket is your match.

  • Crafted from 'deadstock' upholstery yarns, each design is a special limited edition one-off that can’t be replicated.
  • Woven from upholstery yarn, composed of 96% wool and 4% nylon
  • Made in Geelong [AU]
  • Sizes vary per blanket design from 180cm x 150cm to 200cm x 150cm weighing around 1.2kg
  • Available only in Whipstitch finish; Whipstitch is sturdier and reduces the chance of twigs and leaves getting caught on the blanket during outdoor use

This Geelong mill has been weaving wool fabric for 100 years – now they make Seljak Brand blankets too!

Seljak Brand’s latest blanket range, Rugged, is made at a heritage mill in Geelong, one of the renowned textiles regions of Australia.

We came across Geelong Weaving Mill a few years ago by way of the intimate textiles ecosystem here in Australia. After realising we shared many values and a willingness to innovate with the mill’s director Quentin Vahl Meyer, we were absolutely thrilled to hear the mill was leaning into blanket production.

Read on to learn more about the makers behind the Rugged Range of Seljak Blankets!

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