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Colour Range

Colour blankets are made from textile offcuts so they vary slightly in colour and texture. These blankets are softer and lighter than the Rugged Range but hardier than the Design Range, making them the ideal multi-use blanket, for indoors and out.

  • Available in a range of colours which pay homage to the Australian landscape each with optional Whipstitch or Fringe finish.
  • 100% recycled pre-consumer textile waste (55% recycled wool, 30% recycled polyester, 15% recycled other fibres) collected from 16 mills around Europe.
  • The yarn from those offcuts are spun into blankets in Lithuania [EU]
  • Fringe finish blankets measure 205cm x 160cm & Whipstitch finish is 190cm x 160cm; They sit nicely atop a double bed but aren't a full size bed blanket
  • They weigh in at 1.1kg
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