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Design Range

The Design Range are our softest and lightest blankets due to the difference in material composition. Splendid for cosy everyday use at home or for a little extra warmth when you're on the go. These blankets are remarkably warm for how lightweight they are. 

  • Each Design blanket has a unique artwork and story exploring the fragility and power of the natural world
  • Made from offcuts from woollen jumpers sourced from Italy [EU]
  • The yarn from those offcuts are spun into blankets in Lithuania [EU]
  • At 600g they are the lightest blanket on offer
  • 180cm x 130cm

Who Made My Blanket: A visit to the mill in Lithuania with our auditor

Seljak's Design Range of blankets are made with reclaimed textile waste in Kaunas, Lithuania, combining factory floor offcuts of 16 mills around Europe.

The Lithuanian mill is 93 years old with Italian machinery that produces very high quality recycled textiles and intricate designs. ​The specialty Jacquard looms mean we can weave abstract patterns into the blankets.

Read on to view a virtual tour of the mill with Seljak founders at the mill!

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