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This Geelong mill has been weaving wool fabric for 100 years – now they make Seljak Brand blankets too!


Seljak Brand’s latest blanket range, Rugged, is made at a heritage mill in Geelong, one of the renowned textiles regions of Australia.

We came across Geelong Weaving Mill a few years ago by way of the intimate textiles ecosystem here in Australia. After realising we shared many values and a willingness to innovate with the mill’s director Quentin Vahl Meyer, we were absolutely thrilled to hear the mill was leaning into blanket production. Since, driven by textiles designers Gemma Glazik and Ana Petidis, Geelong Weaving Mill have perfected beautiful, Australian-made wool blankets.

How to repair your blanket


Do you need help with repairing a wool blanket?
Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In a highly consumerist society and an economy that relies on single-use and fast fashion buys, repairing what you own is one of the best things you can do to avoid unnecessary wastage. Repairing saves you money, empowers you to restore the things you love, and helps release pressure on the planet from overconsumption.

Who Made My Blanket: A visit to the mill in Lithuania with our auditor


Do you know who makes the things that you wear and use every day? After the fatal collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh in 2013, a global movement was sparked... Fashion Revolution demands transparency and fairness in the fashion industry. This week is Fashion Revolution Week 2020 and there's never a better time to ask – who made my blanket?

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